Sunday, November 6, 2011

I guess I'm just "mom"

A "Shane-ism" (as they are coming to be known in our house):

On Wednesday night, the girls were talking about all the things that I love (not sure why, but it was sweet!). Alexis said, "Mommy loves Daddy (so true, so true), us (again, correct) and her friends (yep!).

To which Shane sat straight up and with a shocked look on his face said to me, "YOU have friends??"

I guess to him, age 5, there is nothing beyond my husband and children that matters at all in this world. In many ways, he is right. Before I am a friend to others, I must be a wife and mom! Thankfully, however, God has given me some UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE friends to walk with me through this journey of life ... and I am indeed grateful for each one.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Conli! I enjoyed reading your blog just now. You are such a great writer. Your words are an encourgment as well. I liked reading the one on communication.

I know what you mean about being just 'Mom'. :> Lately, it seems that mostly I am wife and mom. I am looking forward to tapping back into the role of friend more often. I have a note for you all and I don't think I have your current address. When you get a moment would you pass it along to me? or facebook..whichever. Later!